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11:41pm 08/09/2005
  With effect from yesterday, Tsuzuki and I will be on hiatus because of teh annoying finals.
In a month and 5 days from now, we will return.
Please, someone, anyone, look for me then so that we can liven this place up. *beams*

Lotsa smushes and squashes!
06:18pm 31/07/2005
  IF YOU SEE THIS, HEAD TO _doublefault.  
12:32am 21/06/2005
  Seeing as everybody is quitting and it doesn't seem like this rp is going to revive any time soon, I would like to drop Akeno. So please remove x__volley__x from your friends list.

This shouldn't affect any of the other characters. There wasn't much interaction anyway. ;3 <3
Bye bye!! ;o; 
09:29pm 20/06/2005
mood: drained
Dropping KenKen because I never really did anything with him and it's wrong of me to hoard him. It was fun while it lasted. ♥

If anyone wants him gimmie a buzz and I'll give you the password if I remember it.

Happy now Dafty?
Sorry .. :( 
06:20pm 17/06/2005
  Since I'm barely around as it is nowadays, and I hardly participate, I'm going to be dropping out of this play. I'm really sorry.

Anyone who takes up Kaidou, or wants this journal, let me know and I'll give you the password, okay?

See you guys around.
03:16pm 16/05/2005
  Due to personal reasons, I will be going on an indefinite hiatus and will be taking Tsuzuki with me. I will be back when things calm down. If you're on multiple RPs with me, you might see a similar message on the other comms.

If I have an upcoming/unfinished/ongoing log(s) with you, I will continue tagging. I might, however, take some time to reply. I can still be contacted through AIM and email.

Hiatus til further notice. 
04:59am 12/05/2005
  Need some me time to get my head back together. This post has a little more info as to the why.

Will hopefully be back in full swing in a few weeks. Several of you are in other RPs with me so you'll probably see this several times.
09:12pm 09/05/2005
  Seems like everyone is pretty inactive. Myself included. So this post here, is to simply find out where your characters are at, and what they are doing.

I understand if you are in the middle of a log, that never seems to get finished. Since, thats where I'm at right now too.

So yeah. Goooo activity!
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02:15pm 16/04/2005
mood: jubilant
X3 I'm so happy I got Ryoma. <3 I'm just posting to let everyone know the new Ryoma journal! :O You can catch me on AIM as "waterloggedking", or sometimes "drown me out". I'm totally superpumped about joining. xO
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10:39pm 14/04/2005
  Hey, guys. Just here to say I'm giving up Fuji Yuuta.

I'm sorry, I really would have loved to play him here, but with work and school it's just very difficult to find time for logs, and I feel terrible just letting him sit there when he's an important character. I apologize for causing trouble for anyone ;_;.
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I heard about the opening for Ryoma.... 
02:11am 14/04/2005
  Name: comixologist, Mollie
Age: 19
Personal LJ: comixologist (if I get the part, I'll be creating an LJ for Ryoma)
Primary AIM s/n: WaterloggedKing
Tell us a bit about your RP experience: I began roleplaying (yaoi and slash) around 1996. I've been roleplaying since, primarily prose-style IMRP. I'm currently in two other up-and-running LJRP, based on Naruto (I'm playing Chouji. That LJ is one_pudgy_ninja) and X-Men (I'm playing both Scott Summers cowardly_vision and Bobby Drake ice_melts). The latter has only just started, so there are only three members. I've been roleplaying Ryoma in IMRP with my friends for about a year, maybe a little more (predominately with takaishihoshi).
How did you hear about double_fault?: takaishihoshi asked me to apply for Echizen when he saw that the part was up for grabs!

If you want a Canon Character, fill out this section:

Character you'd like: Echizen Ryoma
Age (a year after the manga/anime started): 13
School/Team: Seigaku
Positions you'd like your character to play and why: S1 (because Ryoma would be grumpy if he had to settle for less, not that he won't be grumpy anyway), S2 (because, though he's improving rapidly, there are always strategic arrangements for tournaments and that he isn't the best thing since sliced bread, to consider), D2 (because occasionally you have to stick him with Momo or Kaidou and teach him to take one for the team). Though I don't reccommend him for doubles play.

( EDIT because I'm the biggest retard on the planet! :B)

Karupin woke me up today with his tail in my face. I sneezed. I haven't stopped sneezing all morning. This is getting kind of ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as the fact that my stupid dad is the stupid coach. He didn't even tell me. I got to school and he was like, "OH YEAH BY THE WAY" and I swear I would've killed him... but we need a coach.


And then we have these journals. Now, I journal on my own. I'm nervous that the guys'll be able to see but if I write anything I don't want them to know in English they'll be lost. They're hopeless cases anyway. Especially Momo. Who I think should buy me dinner later. I'll con him into it. Somehow.

Karupin's been acting wierd. He isn't that interested in his whipporwhill. I hope he's not getting a cold. And I wish I could stop sneezing. It's going to throw off my match.
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Leaving... T_T 
12:25pm 13/04/2005
mood: sad
Ryoma and Matsuyo-mun here... I'm sad to say that I have to leave this rpg. I just can't keep up... T.T
So, if anyone wants to adopt Ryoma and/or Matsuyo, just email me, and I'll give you the passwords. ^^;;
Sorry about this...
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Yes...OC application 
11:18pm 08/04/2005
  Read more...Collapse )  
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09:41pm 08/04/2005
  Hey, sorry to those that would be seeing this message several times =D;;;

I am going on a hiatus for now since the server is down, not sure when I will be back though I will be on sporadically. Sorry for the trouble caused >
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Short recess 
02:02am 08/04/2005
  For personal and selfish reasons, I am taking a short recess. I believe a rest to my mind will suffice. It's just that other things outside of my PoT fandom have been calling out to me.

I'll be back soon.

If you're in other PoT RPs with me, you'll probably see this message more than once.
10:10pm 06/04/2005
mood: awake
So ah.. I was wondering how everyone wanted to do the Party? (Ahaha, isnt this the question of the year? xD;; ) Seperate rps? Chat? Journal Log? I reallllly dont mind and I'm pretty free on weekends so we all should pic the best way! :3 Because this is going to be an insane log, neeee??? >D Any ideas?

EDIT: my Aim BirdyBabe2 I guess leave yours with a comment? I'd like to try for a chat log just cause that's a whole lot more fun. Maybe we can do it in parts or whatever? And if it ends up being too confusing or we dont finish, thats okay, right? We can just post about it or save what we have. ^_^
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Update galore! ^_^ 
07:18pm 05/04/2005
  We have two new players btw! Must make these annoucements sooner!

One - kudaran is a new player from Rokkaku Chuu, Akizuki Iki

Two - second_manifest is Marui Bunta's younger brother, Kenta! ^_^ Rikkaidai is now full!

Also, I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear on the post about the 3rd years. What I meant to say was until all the spots for all the teams have been filled, then we cannot implement the high school boys just yet. If you have any questions, ask myself (Zellie) or our Momo/Nanjirou player (Jei).

Ja naa!
If you dare... 
06:05pm 05/04/2005
  So my Kazuto muse was messing with my brain and came up with this...


Download at your own risk. It's work-safe, though. Not pr0n.
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Mod Note 
02:38am 05/04/2005
  This is regarding the 3rd years (they'd be high school students at DF).

I'm inclined to agree with takaishihoshi that once the regulars spots for the Jr. High teams fill up, then we can start claiming the high school guys. (i.e. Tezuka, Inui, Shishido, Sanada, Yukimura, Saeki, Sengoku, etc.)

I hope this makes motivation for character-taking and OC-creating so we can start taking some high school boys.

Once the Jr. High roster has been filled, this will up the max. character limit to 4 instead of 3. Of course, mods may take more at their own discretion. You may also take more if you ask us! ^_^

So please... try to get people to join us, guys!! Thanks!
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...I'd like to take an original character to go, please?;;; 
02:10am 01/04/2005
  Um. Hi.

appCollapse )

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